Celebrating 10,000 Fliteboards around the world

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From a spark of inspiration on a windless day to the market-leading eFoil innovator, Flite is excited to celebrate the milestone of 10,000 Fliteboards around the world. The special day occurred on 12 July and to mark the occasion, we sent a celebration gift pack to the people who unknowingly helped us reach five digits with their purchase.

With loyal customers who have been with us since the launch of Series 1 to those who have more recently discovered the thrill of Fliteboarding, we love hearing how our products enhance their lives. We’ve gathered 10 recent quotes in honour of 10,000.

“I’m aged 69 and after one Flite lesson in Perth two years ago, I was hooked and bought a board straight away. I have been foiling the Margaret River almost every day on both flat river and in swells. The solitude and feeling of effectively flying silently over the water is surreal and never ceases to lose its awe.”
- Warick Gerrard, Fliteboard owner

“At 74 I’m mentally sharper with high levels of energy and my balance has improved markedly. After reading the book Gnar Country and watching a couple of Steven Kotler’s lectures, it made me realise it’s exactly what’s happened since foiling. It sounds ridiculous but Fliteboard has had a de-ageing effect, allowing me to be in nature and increasing my sense of freedom.”
- Bill Mitchell, Fliteboard owner

“In May 2020, I redirected my travel budget to a Series 1 Fliteboard PRO, and for the last 3 years I haven’t looked back. I’ve even ditched the kite which to most people who know me would be blasphemy! Autonomous adventures and an abundance of options are my new reality. Exploration is the new goal and the feeling of flying in areas previously inaccessible is so worthwhile. The added privacy of riding solo away from crowds has completely changed my perspective.”
- Paul Davies, Fliteboard owner

“Congratulations for developing such a fantastic product along with providing incredible customer service. I’ve surfed all my life and foiled the last four years but since getting my Fliteboard nearly two years ago, I rarely go back to them. Totally hooked!”
- David Hansen, Fliteboard owner

“It’s such a unique experience for me. I’m motivated in the sense that I’m naturally going to my friends now and going: you gotta try Fliteboarding. This is a 1% feeling - the whole world isn’t even tapped into what we’re feeling as humans right now. I want everybody to try it and get this feeling that we’re feeling. It’s pure freedom.”
- Eric Geiselman, Flite Team Rider
Eric Geiselman, Flite Team Rider on a Fliteboard
“Thanks for having the vision, and drive to make such an awesome aquatic toy come to life. So life enhancing.”
- Adrian Dcozy, Fliteboard owner

“I have a chronic achilles injury which makes any running sport painful. Ultimate frisbee has been my main hobby and part of my identity for 25 years. Retiring from such a big part of my life has had a big effect. Fliteboard gives me the freedom to fly around the waves and see the ocean from a whole different perspective. Balancing can be hard on a day where it hurts, but whizzing in and out of waves on my knees is liberating.”
- Kevin Noble, Fliteboard staff

“That’s the great thing about eFoiling: it seems like you’re always having a good session. It’s not like anything else I’ve ever done before in my life. The feeling you get gliding across the water, remote in your hand, no turbulence… I think apart from getting an airplane, it’s probably the closest feeling you can get to flying. It’s something that once you do it, you’ll love it and you’ll want to be doing it forever.”
- Harley Clifford, Flite Team Rider
Harley Clifford, Flite Team Rider Jumps on a Fliteboard
“Ever since that first ride, I'm eFoiling and dreaming of eFoiling and riding and developing. I have done about 13,000 km now on the eFoil, which is from here in Byron to LA, California, and I'm still looking forward to the next ride. That gives you an idea how good it actually is. I just think everyone should give it a go and experience flying over water.”
- Simon Axmann, Flite Team Rider

“Everybody who foils has that feeling: you have to try this because you’re missing out. If you go to the grave and you don’t feel this, you’re tripping.”
- Adam Bennetts, Flite Team Rider
Adam Bennetts, Flite Team Rider in Byron Bay