Fly higher, faster,
further, longer.

Not all eFoils are created equal.

Series 2 Technical Changes

Fly higher, faster,
further, longer.

Not all eFoils are created equal.

Series 2 Technical Changes

Get in sync with Fliteboard

The Virtual Gear System is just one of many features that makes Flite Controller the world's smartest eFoil controller.

Underwater design

Simply the best ride

Fly higher and turn harder with more stability. The ultimate electric hydrofoil design.

Perfect propulsion

Let's talk torque

The smallest motor with the best performance.

Parametrically designed wings

Everything rides on this

We created the first wing designed specifically for eFoiling. Then we made 13 more.


Think inside the box

Our patented plug ‘n play system avoids data cables. No electronics in the board means less fuss.


Illuminate your ride

Lightbar brings Fliteboard to life with an LED light array.


World’s most advanced portable marine battery

Not all batteries are the same. To fly faster, further and longer, you need the right power.

Flite APP

Relive every ride

Flite App delivers new features with over the air updates. Flite track lets you visualise, replay and share rides.

Materials and finishes

Better design
= better perfomance

Details matter. Continual refinement is our obsession.

Which Fliteboard is right for you?

— 5'8" 100 litres
— Bestseller
— Versatile
— Early planing

All riders
— 5' 67 litres
— Reduced swing weight
— Enthusiasts choice
— Moderate planing

Confident starters to experts
— 4'2" 54 litres
— World's smallest
— Optional footstraps
— Skills required

Expert riders
— 6' 150 litres
— Rugged inflatable
— Buoyant & stable
— Beginner friendly

Fliteschools, yachts & resorts, families, heavier riders
Designed and assembled in Byron Bay, Australia
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